Ask LH: How Should I Dress When Applying For Work At A Takeaway Joint?

Hey Lifehacker, Should I wear my formal clothes when applying for a job, even if it’s at a fast food restaurant? Or will that create a negative reaction because I’m “over-dressed”? Thanks, Wannabe Ronald

Dear WR,

Putting effort into your clothing choices is unlikely to hurt your chances of employment in the fast food industry. On the contrary, it demonstrates professionalism and a willingness to take the position seriously — all before you’ve even opened your mouth.

Think about it: if the decision came down to a guy in a suit and a guy in a Megadeth T-shirt, which one would you hire? Obviously, you don’t want to be the guy in the Megadeth T-shirt!

With that said, a suit is probably overkill if you’re applying for an entry-level position in a fast food restaurant. Personally, we’d settle for a dress shirt/blouse which strikes a nice balance between casual and formal.

Naturally, you need to combine your threads with what job listings like to call a “well-groomed” appearance. This is especially important if you’re applying for a front-of-house position where you will be frequently face-to-face with customers.

Often it can be the little things that employers notice — a shabby hair cut and/or unruly facial hair can really hurt your chances. Simply put, you should try to match the company’s employee appearance guidelines before getting hired, not after. Good luck!


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