YouTube Support Ending For Older Mobiles

YouTube Support Ending For Older Mobiles

Bad news, YouTube users: If you use an older iPhone you’re going to have to start browsing the popular video service with a browser.

YouTube has announced a change in its Data API, effective from right now, that effectively deprecates a number of its client apps. If you’ve got an iOS device that isn’t or can’t run iOS 7, then you’re going to be in a support wasteland as far as the official YouTube app goes, and the same is true for owners of first or second generation Apple TVs, and pre-2012 Games Consoles, although YouTube’s support page doesn’t specify which clients.

For the iOS devices at least, the solution will be to use YouTube’s mobile site on Safari, as that’s an HTML5 implementation that’s unlikely to cease working any time soon.

YouTube ends support for older apps on iOS, Apple TV, Google TV [SlashGear]


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