What Are The Most Popular Soft Drinks In Australia?

In the land down under, colas are king. But which brand of cola?

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If you answered "Coca Cola", then congratulations. You're in line with research undertaken by Roy Morgan that identified the most popular soft drinks in Australia by brand.

Based on a percentage of population who stated that they had consumed a soft drink in the previous seven days, 19 per cent had quaffed a Coke, more than double the next contender.

That's a comfortable lead for Coca Cola to enjoy, especially when you consider that the second most imbibed bubbly drink was Coke Zero, with 8 per cent.

Pepsi Max slid in at third with 7 per cent, then Diet Coke at 5 per cent and finally, escaping the Cola Event Horizon that seems to make up the Australian soft drink palate, Schweppes Lemonade on 4 per cent.

Roy Morgan


    How many didn't drink soft drink at all in the last seven days?

      There is some related info here; though it doesnt cover every demographic: http://www.roymorgan.com/findings/6098-more-young-australians-drinking-soft-drinks-201502270132

      Note that even though they say 19% of those who have had a soft drink in the last week, they then turn around and use that same 19% as a fraction of the entire Australian population!

      You'd think a CEO of Research would have a better grasp of simple arithmetic.

    As I read this I am drinking a can of coke, so it comes as no surprise to me.

    When I used to have to keep the soft drink machine filled at the surf club, the rough guide was one can of Coke to each can of anything else. Even then, Coke was usually the first thing to run out. A more realistic mix would probably have been 70% Coke, 30% other stuff, although that was in Coke Zero's early days.

    coke zero most days.

    the new Coke life is just very sweet un-coke like softdrink. Not impressed
    Still full of sugar as well.

    I wonder if Coca-Cola is still outsold in South Australia by Farmer Union Iced Coffee (not a soft-drink obviously, but almost as much sugar).

    i have given up coke 7 years ago, and have no regrets. Why is LH trying to promote this unhealthy drink seriously LH.

    and the COKE LIFE logo has magically appeared next to LH LOL. "to be honest can't even taste the difference all i know is Pepsi has paid me more so it taste's better" Dave Chappelle.

    This just in: Researchers discover that water is wet. Get the full report on your evening news.

    We sell more Coke Zero or Pepsi Max than regular coke at work. I'm not sure what the point of Coke Life is given how popular Coke Zero has become.

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