What Are The Most Popular Soft Drinks In Australia?

In the land down under, colas are king. But which brand of cola?

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If you answered “Coca Cola”, then congratulations. You’re in line with research undertaken by Roy Morgan that identified the most popular soft drinks in Australia by brand.

Based on a percentage of population who stated that they had consumed a soft drink in the previous seven days, 19 per cent had quaffed a Coke, more than double the next contender.

That’s a comfortable lead for Coca Cola to enjoy, especially when you consider that the second most imbibed bubbly drink was Coke Zero, with 8 per cent.

Pepsi Max slid in at third with 7 per cent, then Diet Coke at 5 per cent and finally, escaping the Cola Event Horizon that seems to make up the Australian soft drink palate, Schweppes Lemonade on 4 per cent.

Roy Morgan

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