Wash Hard Fruits And Vegetables With A Brush To Reduce Pesticide Risk

Wherever you source your fruits and vegetables, there's a chance they are harbouring pesticides. For harder fruits and vegetables, a quick scrub under some running water can do the trick.

This video from the Consumer Reports YouTube channel shares some tips for making sure your produce is clean and ready to eat. Waxier fruits and harder vegetables can sometimes hold on to pesticides longer than other kinds, so it's a good idea to give them a nice scrub with a dedicated produce brush. Anything clinging on will be scrubbed away.

Buying organic may help, but you're never truly in the clear. If you're still concerned about what's on your fruits and veggies, buy them from local farmers where you can ask how they control pests and what they use. No matter what, eating fruits and vegetables is good for you, so don't let some pesticides stop you.

5 Food Prep Tips to Cut Pesticide Risk [YouTube via Consumerist]


    Another way is to wash in a solution of vinegar and water, this takes care of any pesticides or bugs.

    Buying organic does not help avoid pesticides - organic often use more pesticides than conventional farming - inform yourselves:

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