Vodafone Is Giving Free Stan Subscriptions To Red Plan Customers

Vodafone Is Giving Free Stan Subscriptions To Red Plan Customers

If you’re signing up for a new mobile phone contract and you’re not being offered some sort of streaming service subscription, you’re doing it wrong. Vodafone is now offering Stan subscriptions to customers on its postpaid Red plans.

Existing Red customers will be offered a free 3-month trial for Stan — which is effectively a two-month offer, since anyone can sign up for a one-month trial. New customers who sign up for Red on a contract will receive 6 months access if they are on the $70 or $80 plan, or 12 months on the $100 plan. (That’s an alternative to the existing deal where customers can receive a free Spotify subscription or a free Fairfax newspaper subscription).

The Vodafone deal means that every major mobile network is offering some form of streaming service bundle with its contract plans. Optus is offering 6 months of Netflix with contract mobile and broadband plans, while Telstra provides 6 months on Presto to new contract mobile customers. One thing all those offers have in common: there’s no unmetered access to streaming services using your mobile connection, so make sure you’re connected to W-Fi before you use them, or you’ll chew through your data allowance very quickly.


  • I’ll stick with Spotify. Unless Stan magically come out with an app for Fetch TV or other devices.

  • Telstra’s presto offer isn’t available for BYO or casual plans. Casual plan exclusion I get, but BYO too? That sucks!

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