Use 1Password To Keep Track Of The Physical Location Of Your Stuff

Use 1Password to Keep Track of the Physical Location of Your Stuff

1Password iss a great password manager, but it can do more than just manage your online passwords. Over on the 1Password blog, they point out that it's also a great way to keep track of your physical inventory.

If you store a lot of stuff in different locations around your house, then it's pretty easy to lose track of it. It turns out you can add custom fields in 1Password to keep track of physical items. Just add a new item, click the location button under the custom field, and add any notes you want. If you're sick of losing your stuff and want a secure way to keep track of it, this should do the trick.

1Password, find my stuff [1Password Blog]


    I find this kind of thing handy when I go away for a couple of weeks and I get back and I can't remember the really sneaky place I hid my backup hard disk. Sock drawer? Wrapped up in a jumper ? Hidden in the piano ?

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