Type 'Find My Phone' Into Google To Locate Your Android Device


The Android Device Manager has been a useful security feature for a while, but hunting down the right bookmark when you can't find your phone is a mild hassle. Now, instead, you can simply type "find my phone" into Google from any desktop you're logged in on.

The new feature is an extension of the same features found on the Android Device Manager dashboard. You can select which device you're looking for from a drop-down menu, see its location on a map, and even ring it. A Google search box is arguably the quickest way to pull up this info, so it's a nice addition.

Type 'Find My Phone' Into Google On Your Computer And Immediately Locate Your Android Phone [Android Police]


    Doesn't seem to work for me... non-AU at this point perhaps?

      It worked for me (I'm in Melbourne). Even the ringing option worked.

      Works for me (Nexus 5 and Chrome on OS X)

    "About 1,750,000,000 results"
    I knew I had more than one phone, but I hadn't realised I'd got that bad!

    I tried it and it correctly showed my phone was in Australia. Data must be enabled. The ring phone loud for 5 minutes did work well though.

    Yep works great in Adelaide. Had GPS off and wifi on at home and found my phone straight away.

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