TrafficMonitor+ Combines Speed Tests And Mobile Data Tracking

TrafficMonitor+ Combines Speed Tests And Mobile Data Tracking

Android: TrafficMonitor+ is a jack-of-all-trades app that includes speed testing, mobile and wifi data usage and a crowdsourced coverage map for Australian mobile providers.

There’s no shortage of apps that will track your data usage, or for that matter apps that will allow you to perform a simple download and upload speed test, with Ookla’s being one of the more frequently-used apps in that situation. Most big telcos offering dedicated apps to keep track of your data usage.

TrafficMonitor+’s particular hook is that it combines all these data types into one ad-free package, covering a crowdsourced coverage map, speed tests and data usage by app type as you use it. It even has a task management app killer bundled within it, although the utility of such applications is questionable at best.

While it’s both free to install and ad-free, the one catch could be that you’re handing over a certain quantity of data into its clutches, but it’s otherwise a cleanly laid-out application if you want all of your data information in one spot.

TrafficMonitor+ (free) [Google Play]