Todoist For iPhone And iPad Adds Themes, Intelligent Input

iOS: The latest version of Todoist brings some useful new features to an already feature-packed app. A new, single “quick add” bar lets you type your task along with due dates and labels, and the app’s intelligent input organises everything for you. Multi-item editing is new, as are colourful themes to personalise your view.

Todoist is one of our favourite to-do list apps, and today’s updates make the app much easier to use, and easier to customise. We’ve been playing around with the new version for a few weeks, and regular tasks like adding new to-dos, completing items, setting due dates, and creating nested lists are easier than ever. You can drag and drop items, select multi-item editing to complete, edit or make multiple to-dos subtasks of another, while the intelligent input means the days of typing a to-do, then adding a due date, then adding a label, and so on are over.

One of my favourite features in Todoist is how well the app handles recurring to-dos and dated tasks, and the latest builds on that feature with start and end dates. For example, you can now add a to-do that’s “every Tuesday at 10am starting April 15 and ending June 12”, and Todoist knows what you mean. The new themes are a small addition, but if you’re no fan of Todoist’s spartan red and white colour scheme, you can personalise it a bit now too.

All of the updates are live now in the iOS apps, and they’re on the way to the web, Mac, Windows and Android apps soon. Hit the link below to learn more, or download the new version.

Todoist (Free) [iTunes App Store via Todoist]