This Infographic Teaches You How To Grow Dozens Of Vegetables

This Infographic Teaches You How To Grow Dozens Of Vegetables

Since the dawn of civilisation, humanity has been growing food to stave off hunger. While most of us go to a store for this now, growing your own food can be as rewarding as it is delicious. If you’re not sure where to start, this chart will give you all the essential info.

This graphic, courtesy of, is a cornucopia of tips on how to get your own vegetable garden started. It details which vegetables are suited for container gardens (you probably won’t want to grow a pumpkin in a pot by the windowsill), which soil to choose, how to choose the right sized bed, plant spacing, and more.

The guide even has a handy section on which vegetables pair well together, so you can get the most out of the space in your garden. There are also tips on how to build your garden to keep pests out.

Simple Vegetable Garden Tips For Every Size Garden [Fix via Design TAXI]


  • Those gallons of soil – are they Imperial (4.546 litres) or US (3.785 litres) ?
    Get it wrong one way, you don’t have enough. Go the other way, you have leftover soil.

    Time to go metric, I think.

  • Too many hogs heads and furlongs in this article, got cucumber stuck in ceiling fan.

  • Would be nice to have one for the southern hemisphere at least, or one that’s Australia-specific ideally.

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