The Custom-Built, Model Home Workspace

The Custom-Built, Model Home Workspace

Model homes are meant to entice potential homebuyers, and so the rooms in them are designed to be attractive and functional. This model home’s office sports lots of custom storage and a spacious desktop.

The all-white colour scheme is like a blank slate, against which the wood desktop and the large window stand out. It works as a small home office or could be one end of a bedroom. Either way, the design, by Portico Design Group, could offer you some ideas for customising or arranging your own home office, model home or not.

Dominion Model home [Houzz via Minimal Desks]


  • Yeah, looks great.

    And judging by the size of that wall-to-wall desk, like most new homes – it’s a great way of marketing a space barely suitable for a walk-in-robe as a bedroom / study.

    Now, to experience how functional this setup actually would be – find your nearest sun-soaked window and open the blinds, put your laptop screen in front of the window (as pictured) and use it for 2 hours.

    If you find yourself reaching for panadol to deal with extreme eye-strain, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

  • Agreed. Minimum space requirement for any home office = 3mx3m, with no windows behind the monitors (yes, monitors, at least 3), or in front of them. Ideally, blackout capability with hue lighting.

    Minimum desk length = 2.6m with 80cm depth (at least).

    In fact, position the computer first, then build the house around it.

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