Tech Deals: Apple MacBook Pro And MacBook Air

When you're in the market for a laptop that is portable, powerful and user friendly — it's difficult to go past the convenience of an Apple MacBook. Be it the portable Air or the powerful Pro, you're sure the find the right match for you. And did we mention the're on sale right now? Yep, read on to catch some great savings.

Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch 128GB: Save $120 Only $1279

This is the MacBook you need for travelling, studying or work on the go. It's thin, light and strong — but doesn't skimp on power. It features a speedy fifth-generation Intel Core processor, great built-in apps and up to 12 hours of battery life.

Deal ends 19/4/2015

MacBook Pro 13.3-inch 500GB: 10% Off Only $1394

When you want a laptop with some power behind it, the MacBook Pro will have you covered. No matter the task at hand, you'll definitely be impressed by the speed of the fourth-generation dual-core Intel processors. Throw in high-end graphics and the OS X Yosemite operating system and you've got a laptop that will do whatever you need it to — whilst still being portable.

Deal ends 22/4/2015

MacBook Pro 15-inch 256GB: 10% Off Only $2519

The 2880x1800 resolution retina display on this laptop is simply stunning — add the Intel Iris Pro graphics and you'll be hard pressed to find a prettier way to view movies, images, edit and create. Quad core processing makes everything fast, two Thunderbolt 2 ports let you transfer data at high speed and all of this power still weighs only 2kg.

Deal ends 22/4/2015

MacBook Pro 15-inch 512GB: 10% Off Only $3149

With 512GB and faster flash storage than ever before, if you work with music, movies or photography you'll be impressed by the capabilities of the surprisingly thin MacBook Pro - especially since you'll get to view it all on that gorgeous retina screen. With iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand all included, it's also great value.

Deal ends 22/4/2015

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