Remove Fresh Red Wine Stains With High-Proof Clear Liquor

Red wine is a great addition to any dinner, but accidents can happen. You can get fresh red wine stains out of fabric and carpet using some of wine’s heartier cousins to help soak up the colour.

The second tip in this video from the Reactions YouTube channel explains the chemistry behind red wine stains and how a high-proof liquor can help you remove them. Like with most stains, the key to taking out red wine stains is acting fast, because you don’t want anything to settle in the fibres.

Grab a bottle of any high-proof clear liquor, such as vodka, gin or white rum, and pour it on the stain as you try to soak up as much as you can with a rag. The pigments that make red wine red, including anthocyanins, are alcohol-soluble, so the high-proof liquor keeps them dissolved and easy to soak up out of the fibres.

Once most of the colour is gone, finish it off with some water or try a homemade cleaning solution if the stain is being stubborn.

Cleaning with Chemistry (Chemistry Life Hacks Vol. 6) [YouTube]


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