Reminder: Tigerair’s New Baggage Limits Kick In This Week

If you’re flying Tigerair later in the week, it would be wise to check both your booking date and the weight of your carry-on luggage.

We noted when it was announced that Tigerair was reducing the weight allowance for passengers soon. Soon is this week, with the new rules due to kick in on April 17.

To quickly reiterate, if you booked a flight for travel on or after April 17 prior to March 17 2015, you have a 10kg carry-on limit to play with. However, if you booked after March 17, that carry-on limit drops to 7kg, in line with other airlines.

As we originally noted, if you know you're going to need more carry-on than that, it would be wise to book one of Tiger's Cabin+ packages, which will cost you $18-$23 depending on flight length if pre-booked, or up to $36-$46 if you work out you need the service at the airport. Either approach beats being slugged with Tigerair's minimum $70 fee that you'll be charged if you're asked to stow your bag in the hold.


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