Peel Carrots Like A Pro By Using Both Sides Of The Peeler

Did you know that most peelers have two blades, meant to swivel so you can more quickly peel vegetables?

If not, you might have been peeling carrots inefficiently (like me) all this time by only peeling in one direction. The video above demonstrates how to peel a carrot like a pro by rotating the carrot and peeling both up and down. While this method won't save you much time if you need just one carrot, if you're peeling a bunch, this is a better method.

Peeling Carrots Like a Pro [Eat the Love via Distractify]


    Kind of pointless if you only get half the carrot in one go and have to turn it around. And difficult to do top to bottom in one go, He should be holding the green part but most carrots in the supermarket don't come like that.

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    Alternatively, don't bother peeling them. If they're dirty then wash them in water (though most come washed), but that's all you need.

      Lots of fibre in le peel no?

        Not sure, maybe a tiny little bit more than the rest of it, but it's not like a potato with a definitely different and more fibrous skin. A carrot seems to be pretty carroty all the way through :)

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