Patch Tuesday: No Fooling With April's Four Critical Updates

April Patch Tuesday is here, and this time around there are four critical updates (and another seven ) for your Windows administration pleasure.

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All the critical vulnerabilities relate to remote code execution, but cover a wide range of platforms: Internet Explorer, Office and two Windows system components. As you'd expect, you'll be rebooting after installing these.

Amongst the critical ones, there's a relatively rare example of a vulnerability that could allow a denial of service (DOS) attack on virtual machines:

The vulnerability could allow denial of service if an authenticated attacker runs a specially crafted application in a virtual machine (VM) session. Note that the denial of service does not allow an attacker to execute code or elevate user rights on other VMs running on the Hyper-V host; however, it could cause other VMs on the host to not be manageable in Virtual Machine Manager.

Time to roll out the patches.


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