Mother’s Day Gifts To Help Organise And Speed Up Mum’s Life

Mother’s Day Gifts To Help Organise And Speed Up Mum’s Life

Mums tend to be busy individuals — as if looking after their offspring wasn’t enough, many also do the lion’s share of the housework and hold down full-time jobs. Anything that can inject some extra organisation into their lives is sure to be appreciated. This Mother’s Day, ditch the chocolates and fluffy slipper combo and plump for one of these time-saving products instead.

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A Slow Cooker

If your family haven’t invested in a slow cooker yet, that’s your mother’s day gift right there. This will free up a lot of time that would normally be spent slaving over a hot stove. Plus, it will allow her to experiment with new meal ideas without cluttering up the kitchen sink. If you want to go all out, get her a Thermomix.

Moleskine notebook

Traditional note taking remains one of the best ways to stay organised and up-to-date. The Milan-based Moleskine company produces the most handsomely designed notebooks in the business. This is a perfect gift for any mother who loves mapping out plans or making endless to-do lists. You can even get Batman versions for geek mums.

Portable phone charger

This might not seem like a particularly exciting gift idea — but for techy mums, it will be be worth its weight in gold. Portable phone chargers come in various shapes and sizes: you’ll want to get something with a decent milliampere-hour (mAH) rating but still compact enough to fit in a purse or jacket pocket. In addition to keeping her phone fired up, she’ll be able to give the kids’ gadgets extra juice during long car rides.

Google Play/iTunes gift card

There are a ridiculous number of productivity apps available for Android and iOS devices; many of which will help your mum save time and stay organised. For Mother’s Day, you could secretly load up her device with the best paid apps — here are our personal picks for Android and iOS. Alternatively, leave the decision-making up to her and get a gift card for her platform of choice.

Robot vacuum cleaner


We’re not suggesting that vacuuming is a mother’s responsibility — but if your household was anything like mine growing up, it’s probably not far from the truth. If you can’t be arsed helping out with the Hoovering duties, buy a robot vacuum cleaner this Mother’s Day so she doesn’t have to do it either. As you’re doubtlessly aware, these are self-vacuuming gizmos that use a variety of sensors to navigate your house. Most are even smart enough to return to their charging bay when they need a battery top-up. You can check out plenty of reviews at our sister site Gizmodo.

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