Microsoft Office Lens Scans Notes And Documents Into Office Format

iOS/Android: Document and note scanning is nothing new. However, Microsoft has decided to enter the game with an advantage only it can offer: excellent Office integration.

Office Lens, as the new app is called, can scan documents “from any angle” (though you should still probably aim for a head-on image) and automatically fix its perspective, crop it, and clean it up. It can also do other typical OCR tricks like pulling contact info from a business card.

Office Lens can export your notes in a variety of formats including JPEG, PDF, and Office filetypes like Word or PowerPoint. The latter comes with some extra tricks. For example, if you save a note in PowerPoint format, the app will make hand-drawn images and text into objects you can arrange separately. All scans can also be exported directly to OneNote or OneDrive.

The tight Office integration gives Office Lens a leg up over similar OCR scanners. It’s out right now for iOS; Android users will need to join a beta in order to get access to the preview version.

Office Lens (Preview) [Google+ via The Verge]

Office Lens [iTunes App Store]


  • For all the many shortcomings of Windows Phone 8.1, the Office Lens app is a real standout and a fantastic bit of software. Definitely worth trying on iOS/Android

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