Microsoft Announces Lumia 640/640XL Australian Pricing

Microsoft Announces Lumia 640/640XL Australian Pricing

Microsoft announced the mid-range Lumia 640 and 640XL at Mobile World Congress, and today it has released local availability and pricing details.

Specifically, the Lumia 640 will cost $299 when it launches in early May, with Optus offering it in black and orange and Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, Officeworks and Allphones ranging it in black, cyan or white. If you’re keen on a Telstra 640, you’ll have to wait a little longer, with Telstra’s availability for the black 640 stated as “late May”.

Meanwhile the larger 640XL will be sold for $399 in the same early May timeframe via Vodafone in Cyan, and from Harvey Norman, Dick Smith and JB Hi-Fi in black or white hues. For more on the Lumia 640XL, check out Luke’s hands-on over at Gizmodo.


  • Damn that’s disappointing. Was expecting this to priced at $199, not $299. Definitely an Australia tax on this one.

    • The price is pretty comparable to overseas especially if you consider our bad exchange rate.

  • The Australia Tax just blew whatever price advantages these phones might have had in the states. Now they’re firmly in the ‘mid range’ territory which is an embarrassment of riches, with decent FHD handsets like the Nexus 5 and G2. Even in WP Land, the price doesn’t make sense. The 530 can be found here for $40-50 and the 640XL is not ten times better than that.

    • Cheap electronics aren’t going to last. Once stock runs out of existing inventory with the distributors, it will all be priced at the new worse exchange rate. The 530 is $30 locked to Telstra at Big W, $149 unlocked at Dick Smith. This is closer to Lumia 735 pricing ($279 at Dick Smith), I agree with the first commenter, a 6xx phone should be closer to $199 (Lumia 630 is $199 at Dick Smith).

  • The lumia 735 is going for $248 at Harvey Norman. People will just opt for this until it’s sold out

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