Meet Max, Your New Best Friend (Who Is Also A Printer)

Meet Max, Your New Best Friend (Who Is Also A Printer)

This is a call out to small business owners: how often do you think about your office printer? How would you like to think about it even less?

You should meet Max — the speedy inkjet designed for small business.

Canon’s new range of MAXIFY printers are fast.

How fast you ask? Well, 7 seconds isn’t just the name of a terrible Wesley Snipes film you’d forgotten about until just this moment — it’s also how long Max takes to print the first page. Follow-up pages are anything but tardy. How does 23ppm in black and white, or 15 full colour pages in under a minute sound? How about being able to highlight key sentences straight away, since Max’s ink is waterproof?

Yep, Max is pretty quick — and without even realising it you won’t be wasting precious time hanging around the printer. You’ll be getting stuff done.

Snappy scanning is a breeze too, since Max has a super time-saving single pass 2-sided scan functionality, where two sensors scan both sides of your document at once.

Max is also cost effective, has great MAXIFY app support for remote printing and features an easy-to-navigate touch screen.

If you’d rather think about literally anything other than how long your printer is taking, Max is your new office buddy.

You don’t need a laser you need a MAX. Meet Max: the inkjet printer made for small business. Meet Max Today!