Manything Turns An iPhone Into A Security Camera With IFTTT Recipes

iOS: There are lots of ways to turn your old iPhone into a basic security camera. Free app Manything includes IFTTT recipes so you can automate various actions once it detects motion.

Like other apps, Manything lets you stream the camera's feed to another iOS device on the web. With the Manything IFTTT recipes, you can set triggers based on motion, location or time. The developers have a list of examples, such as recording when you leave the house or sending you a clip every time the device detects motion.

Those triggers connect them with other IFTTT supported devices like a Nest, WeMo or Phillips Hue. When you come home the lights turn on or when the Nest senses you are away, Manything starts recording.

Manything [via iDownloadThis]

Manything [iTunes App Store]


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