Make A Matcha Green Tea Latte At Home

If you like coffee, you’ll know it’s relatively easy to make your own lattes if you have a suitable machine. If you’re more of a tea drinker, it also happens to be incredibly easy to make your own green tea lattes, too.

Yahoo! Food’s one-minute video demonstrates just how easy it is to create a matcha green tea latte in your own kitchen. All you need is matcha (the Japanese powder made from green tea leaves), boiling water, a milk of your choice, and honey if you like your tea drinks lightly sweetened.

You’ll need a few tools as well: a sifter, so you can prevent the matcha powder from clumping; a chasen, or Japanese bamboo tea whisk; and a metal whisk, for frothing warm milk. A milk frother also works well for warm milk, and can also stand in for a chasen. Don’t try, however, to substitute a metal whisk for a chasen; it won’t mix the matcha thoroughly.

Now you know: those fancy matcha lattes are actually even easier to make at home than they are to order.

How to Make a Matcha Latte [Yahoo! Food]

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