Inbox By Gmail Adds Custom Snooze Options

Inbox By Gmail Adds Custom Snooze Options

Web/Android/iOS: Google released a small update to its Inbox app today that allows you to set custom snooze times to help adapt the app to your preferences.

You can now set up custom times for morning, afternoon and evening snooze. All you need to do is set an email to snooze, pick a custom time, and then Inbox will ask if you want to set that as your morning, afternoon, or evening preference. If you’re the type to check your email at very specific times, this is a very helpful way to manage it.

Inbox [via Official Gmail Blog]


  • I would love Inbox to implement something similar to Boomerang, which allows you to choose to have emailed Boomeranged (Un-Snoozed?) only if you have not got a reply. It’s a great way to keep on top of things when you work with people who don’t respond much! – Boomerang if no reply in 2 days …

    • I’m not sure what you mean by this?
      Can’t you just snooze for 2 days? and it will come back if they haven’t replied.
      and if they do reply it will be in your inbox anyways.

      • With Google it will come back regardless of whether they’ve replied.
        If they have replied, I don’t want it to come back, because it would have come back when they replied (which might have been 5 minutes after I sent the email) and I have already actioned it and Archived it.
        Does that make sense?

        • Yes that makes sense now, but I’m pretty sure that’s how Inbox behaves.
          Just to be clear, are we talking about Inbox or G-Mail?

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