How To Operate An Excavator

It should go without saying that something as serious as an excavator isn;t to be taken lightly. Here’s how you should approach operating one.

Image: Bill Jacobus

This infographic walks you through the basics of excavator operation, should you find yourself with a need to dig particularly large holes. As always, it's a good idea to also do a little research before you start, in case you're about to dig through power cables or water conduits.

How to operate an excavator [Capshire]


    If the Power Rangers took the time to learn this skill, they'd be able to better defend themselves against those towering beasts.

    Now I just need to find a place to practice (and a machine to practice with).

    This will depend on the control pattern of the machine, there are two standards, ISO and SAE - many excavators have a switch to change the controls to the pattern you prefer.

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