Grab A Refurbished Latitude E7240 Notebook For $1100

Grab A Refurbished Latitude E7240 Notebook For $1100

Stalking Dell’s refurbished product site can turn up some excellent deals, especially if you’re after one of the company’s high-quality monitors or hardy business notebooks. Currently there are some 50 used Latitude E7240 laptops waiting to be snapped up for a bit over $1000 — a steal seeing as they retail new for 2x-3x this price.

Thanks to OzBargain’s scrimshaw for noticing the listings on Dell Outlet, specifically the Latitude page. You’ll find quite a few products there, but if you just want to check out the E7240s, scroll down (or search) until you spot the bundle numbers 255951LT or DFO-255945LT in the far-left column.

Prices for both are $1099.

Latitude is Dell’s business brand of notebooks and have a reputation for reliability. In addition, the hard drive and RAM in this model can be upgraded with off-the-shelf hardware. The default specifications include a 2GHz dual-core i5-4310U CPU, 8GB RAM, a 12.5-inch 1080p display and Windows 8.1 Pro.

Sadly, if you’re interested in playing the odd game, the E7240 falls short. The HD4400 is good for an Intel GPU, but recommended tech for the latest Battlefield it is not.

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