Google Security Key Is A Hardware Device That Makes Logging In Faster And Safer

Using two-factor authentication via your phone helps protect your online accounts, but having to type in an authorisation code as well as a password can feel like a hassle. Google is introducing a new hardware key that lets you log into Google via Chrome and then authenticate yourself by clicking on the key — no code required.

Google says the keys will be relatively cheap — around $US6 each — and available from multiple manufacturers. It has been testing the service with multiple customers, including Australia's Woolworths (which was also an early tester for the Chromebox).

It will be a while before consumers can use this — Google says the ability to require authentication via the key will be added to Google Drive For Work in the coming weeks, but hasn't announced broader availability plans. Nonetheless, it's a welcome alternative approach.

The Key for working smarter, faster and more securely [Official Google For Work Blog]


    Looks like a YubiKey, no?

    Why can't they use TPM chips already in many laptops?

    Yes, these are from Yubico, you can see more info on them here

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