GifGrabber Captures Your Mac's Screen And Makes Animated GIFs

GifGrabber Captures Your Mac's Screen and Makes Animated GIFs

Mac: Animated GIFs get your point across visually without using a video. You often make animated GIFS from an existing video, but if you just want to capture your screen, GifGrabber will do the trick.

GifGrabber is like previously featured Giffing Tool, but for Mac. After you start the program, draw a box on the screen and press record. You can also start and stop the capture with hotkeys, so you can avoid getting your mouse in the way. The program does some simple trimming and shrinking of the file, and you'll have a GIF to share wherever you want.

GifGrabber [iTunes App Store]


    Just tried it out and it worked pretty well, but the file size seemed kinda big for just a few seconds of capture at default settings (over 1mb for 4 secs on average). Otherwise, it was super easy to use.

    And its free!

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