Foxtel Play Adds Xbox One And Sony Smart TV Clients

Foxtel Play Adds Xbox One And Sony Smart TV Clients

Foxtel has added another couple of client platforms to its Foxtel Play service, just in time for season five of Game Of Thrones.

The timing in this case probably is coincidental, given that apps don’t write themselves and there are all sorts of approval factors to go through, but according to Foxtel there are now downloadable Foxtel Play apps for Xbox One owners and “select” Sony Smart TVs. Select in this case apparently means last year’s tellies, with the release noting that “Sony smart TV owners with a 2014 model can now download the Foxtel Play app from the Sony Entertainment Network.” If you own an older Sony Smart TV, you’ll have to use another method for connecting up Foxtel Play.

App access is a critical factor in the modern streaming landscape, with Netflix enjoying something of a built-in advantage in its recent launch thanks to the wide variety of platforms it had already built clients for in the US. Foxtel’s Play is spreading wider over time, but the same isn’t entirely true for Foxtel’s Presto streaming service.


  • Downloaded onto my Xbox, realised there’s still no HD, remembered why I don’t care about Foxtel.

    • Exactly the point. I want GOT in 1080P with 5.1, the only way to get this is from HBO Go which is not available here or via download. When are they going to get it that people will pay for quality and ease of access. What’s Foxtel GO quality? 480P or something?

  • I can’t remember the difference between Presto or Play, but whichever one was loaded by default onto the PS4? (Play, I think.) I gave that a good go… and it was incredibly disappointing. A real mish-mash of resolutions, and usually only a scant handful of shows available on demand. The movie part was OK, but you’d probably blow through it after six months until you have to start renting individual movies. Whatever smart-TVs and Xboners have been missing out on without Play, it’s not much.

  • I was mostly persuaded to go legit for Game of Thrones S5 and try out Foxtel Play (esp. with the two week free trial going on), but the Xbox One app is bad. Like, shouldn’t-have-passed-QA bad. It crashes whenever I select ‘Home’ or ‘Channels’ from the starting screen, and when I search for ‘game of th’ it can’t find anything (searching for ‘game’ gives me a selection of other unrelated shows). The TV Guide works, but I’m not interested in live telly. I haven’t even made it to a login/registration screen yet. This needs to go back in the oven.

  • I have been trying the Foxtel Play app on my Sony Bravia smart TV but it tells me I need an internet connection. Funny thing is that I can stream Netflix content on my Sony which is coming from the internet. Sony support tells me that it’s an issue with the Foxtel server (which they determined after doing remote access to the TV over the internet). Get your act together Foxtel and sort out the issues or I will be asking for my money back

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