Foxtel Grabs The Walking Dead For Presto

Foxtel Grabs The Walking Dead For Presto

After Game Of Thrones, we’d say The Walking Dead is fairly high on the list of shows viewers would like to be able to watch on legal streaming services. Foxtel just announced that it will be presenting the zombie favourite on Presto — but how long will you have to wait?

From today, seasons 1, 2 and 3 of The Walking Dead will be available for binge viewing on Presto. Season 4 will be added on April 14, but Season 5 (the most recent, which only finished this week) won’t appear until “later in the year”.

In a reminder that (a) streaming TV deals are weird (b) Foxtel would still like you to cough up for pay TV, the options for Foxtel Anytime, the catch-up service that uses an Internet connection to a Foxtel set-top box, are slightly different. On Anytime, you can watch all of Seasons 1, 2 3 and 5 immediately, with Season 4 again popping up on April 14.

Given that Foxtel has the broadcast rights for The Walking Dead locally, it would have been mildly surprising to see it pop up on Stan or Netflix or Quickflix. Flesh-eating zombies, anyone?


  • WOW the Walking Dead in 480p people must be lining up for presto and there SD content.

  • Oh yay, lets watch it in cruddy SD in stereo where available. Rather spend the money and get 1-4 on iTunes which is in 1080p and 5.1

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