Do You Lock Your Phone With A Passcode?


    Face Unlock, NFC Unlock and Smart Unlock app for convenience, passcode for some level of security.

    Work enforces it on my phone so I can't turn it off.

    It also makes me change it every month, which is very annoying!

      I think you mean "Work enforces it on their phone ..."

        If you set up an exchange account on your phone, a sysadmin can deploy a group policy that requires a user to change their password each month in order to authenticate successfully.

        It doesn't have to be a work phone, only a phone with the account set up on it.

        It could be "Work enforces it on my phone so I can access their Exchange / VPN / Email server"

        Nope, my phone. Sylver and ammusionist are correct.

    I have Android's Smart Lock thing enabled, so it unlocks right away if I'm within range of my FitBit / Pebble and with a 6 digit pin otherwise

    im of the option where, i dont really want to coz of the inconvenience, but due to having email access for work, there is a security policy enforced from our exchange server which means i have no choice but to have a pin and a 30 seconds screen lock timeout.

    I have an iPhone so I set a password and use my fingerprint for quick unlock.

    If in range of my moto 360 its unlocked, everywhere else a PIN

    I set a password when I leave the house with it. I remove the password at home.

    I do, using a pattern, but mostly to prevent my phone unlocking itself in my pocket and pocket dialling rather than nosey people or thiefs.

      pretty much the same as me then. I trust my friends enough not to do something I wouldn't like with it, and I don't leave it in places where it can be stolen. Accidental dialing is a pest though.

    I used to use Tasker on my android to remove it when at home but found I was unlocking it in my pocket. So now use Tasker to remove it when at home and plugged in. Otherwise I have a pin.

    I've set up AutomateIt to disable the lockscreen when connected to my Pebble. Not 100% secure by any means, but better than the swipe-only I used to have!

    Yes, but it's set to unlock within range of my home Wifi, car Bluetooth or PC Bluetooth

    Passcode security is very important to me, but I begrudge having to enter the same password over and over and over again throughout the day. That's why one of my main priorities in a phone is a fingerprint scanner. I like both iOS and Android, but I'm currently using an iPhone 6, where I find TouchID to be amazing, That said, Samsung has now upped their game by including a press-and-hold fingerprint scanner in the S6 similar to TouchID (as opposed to the previous 'swipe' fingerprint scanner of the S5, which was very unreliable).

    I don't because it's inconvenient, however I have an app which I can put locks on specific apps (email, bank apps, keepass, etc.), and have it fakeout also (which makes it look like the app has crashed). and similar

    I have mine setup in a number of ways....

    firstly if I pick it up I don't need to unlock it, it bluetooths to my Gear 2 watch and automatically unlocks.
    If someone picks it up and it's not paired or has a weak siganl then they need to enter the passcode.

    also to keep it safe from my kids who have worked out to follow me around to unlock the phone when they steal it I use the app lock function of the AVG suite I have installed. It requires a passcode for all my banking, social media and games.


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