Dealhacker: Free Cone Day At Ben & Jerry’s Is Tomorrow

Dealhacker: Free Cone Day At Ben & Jerry’s Is Tomorrow

Who doesn’t like free ice cream? Aside from the lactose intolerant, nobody, that’s who.

Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t have a whole heaping load of retail locations in Australia, but it does provide a nifty searchable map that lets you drill down to locations taking part in its annual free cone day, because not all of them do.

Free Cone Day, in case you haven’t read the title, happens to be tomorrow. Presuming you’re close enough, you know what to do.

Also, I’ve now totally got a craving for both Ice Cream and Speedball 2.


  • Speedball II, the source of many an argument back in the day. We would have Speedball matches after school on the old Amiga 500 🙂

  • Y’know, I love ice cream, I really do… But I’m just not so sure I want to brave the bedlam that will likely be at the single location in Brisbane that will be offering this tomorrow.

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