Cut Carrots Into Round Chips Instead Of Sticks For Better Dipping

Cut Carrots into Round Chips Instead of Sticks for Better Dipping

Carrots sticks are a great snack, but aren't the best shape for dipping — they don't have enough surface area to prevent the dreaded double-dip. Cutting them into rounds solves that problem.

To make them into effective dippers, take a large carrot and cut it with a diagonal bias. That will get you the most surface area for dips like hummus. These are healthy snacks you can bring to the office, pack in lunches, or just eat while on the go.

Why Carrots Should Always Be Cut into Rounds, Not Sticks [The Kitchn]


    Or just cut the sticks to the right length and width? I've never had an issue with carrot sticks.

    And depending on the dip involved, it might be healthier to have it in sticks and reduce the applicable surface area.

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