Build Your Own Motion-Controlled Cabinet Lights

If you have a place in your house where the lighting is particularly bad, sticking a little LED light on the underside of a cabinet or on a wall is a great solution. If you want a little more control over the light, Hackaday community member Thomas Snow added in motion control.

Snow uses an ATTiny85, a string of LEDs, and a few other smaller parts. With the setup now, you can wave your hand to turn on the light, then adjust the brightness by moving your hand up and down. It's a fun and clever solution, and doesn't take a lot of electronics knowledge to replicate yourself.

Motion Controlled Cabinet Light [Hackaday]


    I did this a couple of weeks ago in the pantry, except I didn't need the schematics or the tech know how. I just bought a $16.00 battery powered set of LEDs with motion control from Bunnings. Works a treat!

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