Build A Simple, Waterproof Bike Light From Two Bottle Caps

If you love cycling around town, especially at night, you want to make sure you're seen. This little DIY light activates automatically as you bike, and it's super-easy to make.

This light is useful for more than just biking too. It's basically a small, bright, cheap, waterproof light the size of a bottle cap that you could stick on just about anything. All you need are a couple of small electronics parts, and a bunch of garbage from around the house (including a plastic bottle, aluminium can, an old tree branch and some zip ties). You don't even need to know how to solder, so it's a great beginner's project.

Check out the full instructions at MAKE to see how it's done.

Make a Waterproof Bike Light from Soda Bottle Caps [MAKE]


    Very cool... but pretty sure it stopped working after the car rolled over it lol.

    For city use it's probably a good idea to modify the design so there's a manual on/off switch: You don't want it turning off every time you're at the traffic lights.

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