Briefly: Solitaire In Windows 10, Telstra And Netflix, New NBN Logo

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including the return of Solitaire to Windows 10 and Telstra contemplating a Netflix partnership.

  • The latest builds of Windows 10 include Solitaire, which was removed as part of the standard Windows install back in Windows 8. While this might seem exciting, bear in mind that (a) it may not be part of the final release (b) the Solitaire app has always been available in the Windows store.
  • Telstra is talking about partnering with Netflix so content from the streaming giant can be accessed more speedily and reliably by its customers. That's unlikely to mean any deals for unmetered content, mind.
  • The NBN has a new logo. It looks like some other things.
  • Clip of the day: the first footage from the new Mad Max game (via Kotaku):


    NBN logo: interesting representation of from the node to the premises? Further away the more you less u get?

    NBN logo:

    "On Monday the NBN is launching the new positioning of “NBN: bring it on”, with a new branding which aims to create a sense of optimism and inspiration while it also aims to encourage people to harness their potential."

    Optimism? Inspiration? Sorry, I just see dots.

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