Briefly: John Oliver Gets Geoblocked, Top 5 Android Phones

Briefly: John Oliver Gets Geoblocked, Top 5 Android Phones

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including the Last Week Tonight YouTube slowdown and the best Android phones.


  • “Pro tip: a lot of it still ends up on the show’s Facebook page”

    Pro-er tip. 100% of it ends up on torrent sites. If they’re going to pull this arbitrary BS, then they’re just asking for piracy.

  • I genuinely thought, when I saw title that it was going to be about John Oliver taking about how bad geoblocks are then I realized it was HBO and was let down 🙁

  • Youtube and many other web video sources are more frequently pulling the “this content isn’t available in your area” trick. It’s very anti-content and anti-internet. It encourages guilt-free downloading from alternative places. Geo-blocking feels like a slap in the face. The content is there, you searched for it, the result comes up, but for unexplained reasons playback is denied. Do they expect people to just say “oh well, I miss out”? They won’t say that. Nobody I know lets geo-blocking get in the way of obtaining the full episode of content that you’ve heard about online. Such as when Oliver interviews Snowden. Blocked here, but we’ve all seen it now.

  • Didn’t he do a skit a while ago on GoT, pirating and the impact of geoblocking? or am I just making shit up now.

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