Australia Is Finally Getting A Microsoft Store

Australia Is Finally Getting A Microsoft Store

Microsoft has retail outlets dotted all over North America, but so far hasn’t done an Apple and scattered stores across the globe. But that’s about to change, with an official Microsoft Store set to open in Sydney by the end of 2015.

Microsoft announced the plans in a blog post this morning. The store will be located in Sydney’s Pitt St Mall, and take up around 6000 square feet. As well as flogging Surfaces, Windows Phones and accessories, it will include an “Answer Desk” dealing with support issues. There’s no announced release date, but we’re told it will be before Christmas.

Microsoft has 110 stores in the USA and Canada, and 17 outlets within other retailers in China, but this is its first opening of a standalone store outside North America.

All eyes on Australia: First Microsoft flagship store in Asia Pacific lands in Sydney [Microsoft Australia Blog Post]


  • An answer desk? I wonder if we can ask them the curly questions instead of posting on technet?

  • What would be great is if we could walk into a Westfield shopping centre and on one side of the walkway there is an Apple store, and the other side a Microsoft store. That would be great to see. At lunchtime the staff could meet in the centre of the walkway and have scuffles reminiscent of West Side Story.

  • In Bellevue, Washington, I believe the Microsoft shop was just a few doors down from the Apple shop. And then after Microsoft moved in, Apple moved to another location in the mall. What I’d like to know is, can MS alumni get their discount at this shop, instead of having to buy online and pay those ridiculous fedex fees from America that largely negate the discount?

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