Ask LH: Can I Be Fined For Driving In A Car Park Without A Licence?

Hey Lifehacker, On a recent visit to a hotel with a mate, I decided to shift his car as a prank. I started his car and moved it six spaces over in the same car park. As I pulled in, a police car pulled up behind me, checked my licence and issued a fine as it was expired. Is this really an offence given I never left the car park? Might I be able to challenge the fine on that basis? Thanks, Parking Prankster

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Dear PP,

If you really were shifting your mate’s car as a prank, that’s some pretty awful luck right there. If you were driving it for real and made up this excuse on the spot, I dip my hat to your inventive thinking. Either way, the bad news is that you’re going to have to wear the fine.

Attempting to contest this infringement in in court will almost certainly end badly for you. Even if the magistrate decides to take your word at face value, you were still breaking the law — no ifs or buts.

As we’ve noted in the past, road rules still apply on private roads and road related areas, which includes car parks. It is illegal to drive without a licence in a car park, even if it was only for a few metres. The police were perfectly right to book you.

Our advice is to suck it up and remember to renew your licence in future. You can pick up some general licence renewal tips here.


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