Amaysim Has Increased Data Allowances On 4G Plans

Amaysim Has Increased Data Allowances On 4G Plans

When Amaysim rolled out its 4G plans last month, one of the annoying features was that the amount of data on its $44.90 Unlimited plan dropped from 5GB to 4GB. That’s no longer the case — you now get 5GB with that plan, just like the old days.

The data volume has also been increased from 6GB to 7GB on the $54.90 Unlimited plan, and from 1.5GB to 2GB on the $29.90 Text plan. In this context, there doesn’t seem much reason not to switch from the old Unlimited Plan, which had remained available for customers who figured they would prefer 5GB a month to 4GB a month. Sticking with the old plan leaves you on the 3G network.

When the 4G plans launched, Amaysim told us that because it was now calculating data per KB rather than per MB, many customers would effectively use the same amount of data. The per KB charging remains in place, so this seems a better deal all around.


  • How is this unlimited? Oh unlimited with an asterisk followed by a paragraph of weasel speak??? Isnt it about time some of these shady operators were held to account legally for what is at best dishonest advertising and branding?

    • Yes I agree it is kind of vague. The only thing that is unlimited on these plans are either the amount of calls or txt you can send. It call them unlimited is stretching it a bit.

    • Unlimited calls & text is still unlimited for those particular uses. The plan’s name is “Unlimited 5GB”. By putting the 5GB value in the plan’s physical name it’s hardly being shady and hiding it in the fine print.

      • oh please, these guys are your employer right? too many people deliberately misuse the word unlimited when the reality is that the ost frequently used part of the plan is in fact very limited. Then when called out on it, they can say but we called it unlimited 5GB. This is weasel speak plain and simple

    • Simple: because every provider and their dog now offer unlimited calls and texts within Australia.

      The competition between providers is now all about the DATA.

      People need bigger and bigger data allowances on their phones as they do more and more streaming. This trend will only intensify with arrival of Netflix & Co. to our shores.

      With Amaysim’s new 4G plans (and the fact they are all billed per KB), it will be extremely hard for other providers to compete with them, especially if these providers have a much higher cost case in the form of physical retail stores, lots of office space and lots and lots of staff.

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