A Frustration-Free Way To Remove Wood Plugs From A Hole Saw 

A hole saw attachment cuts perfectly round holes into wood using your drill. It only takes a few seconds to make a hole, but what takes the most time is freeing that wood plug from the saw. Here's an easy and methodical way to clear your hole saw so it's ready for the next cut.

Hole saws have openings on the side so you can stick in a slotted screwdriver to work out a stuck wood plug. It's frustrating, but eventually you'll get the wood out. There's no easy way to do this, but the following techniques uses a different approach that doesn't require a screwdriver.

Drill two pilot holes on either side of the hole saw's pilot bit. Then drive a couple of long deck screws into the pre-drilled holes. Once they bottom out against the hole saw, they will lift the plug out. Go easy with a few turns on each side before pulling out the plug.

Unfortunately, this will only work for hole saw plugs on the larger side — smaller ones won't be quite so simple. Check out the video to see this trick in action.

How To Remove Wood Plugs from a Hole Saw [Howdini — YouTube]


    Slight issue...
    I use my cordless drill for drilling the holesaw
    I have one cordless drill
    I then either need to unshackle the holesaw bit, put it in a vice, and use my one cordless drill to complete the steps or use a corded drill to drill the holes and elbow grease to turn the screws.
    Both seem more long winded than simply drilling the hole and letting the flute clear often and regularly.

    You could also just drive in a couple of regular sized screws and then use pliers or multigrips on them to pull the plug out that way.

    I didn't think that removing the plug was that difficult. I certainly haven't had much issue removing them. Technique. Start drilling one side, wait until the drill bit has come through the otherside, then start drilling from the other side. Once you have gotten through, the plug should already be sitting halfway out of the bell of the holesaw giving more than enough leverage to pull the plug out.

      Yeah, Doing it that way also stops the timber breaking out, and leaving the job looking like crap.

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