You Can Now Use Google's Voice Commands To Send Hangouts Messages

You Can Now Use Google's Voice Commands to Send Hangouts Messages

Android: Google's awesome voice commands have been able to send text messages for a while. With a recent update, however, you can finally do the same with Hangouts instant messages.

The update allows users to say "send a hangouts message" to send IMs to other users, hands-free. The command works like most others. Google can ask you for each part of the command (like the message itself and who to send it to) individually, so you don't fumble with a long, complicated command.

Google Now Lets You Send Hangouts Messages Using Voice Commands [Android Police]


    "Ok Google..."

    "Look up the number for domino's pizza and save it to my contacts"

    Me: "Send a google hangout message"
    Google: "Who do you want to message"
    Me: " .. oh wait, who the f*ck uses hangouts anyway?!"

    There are millions of things they could've done to _improve_ google voice. Trying to cross-promote an unnecessary and unpopular google service ain't one of them.

      I use hangouts to send SMS messages. Its actually pretty decent. A lot better than the default android messaging app.

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