You Can Now Get SumoSalad From Red Rooster

You Can Now Get SumoSalad From Red Rooster

Here’s a fast food partnership that actually makes perfect sense — Red Rooster is teaming up with SumoSalad to bring a range of gourmet sides to more than 350 Red Rooster restaurants. The new salads have been specifically designed by Sumo to compliment roast chicken and are reasonably healthy to boot. For a limited time you can also snap one up for free (conditions apply, natch.)

The initial launch consists of two new Sumo salads: the Zesty Pumpkin Couscous Salad (butternut pumpkin, capsicum, couscous, shallots and pumpkin seeds in an olive oil citrus dressing) and Red Pesto Penne Salad (capsicum, penne pasta, red pesto, tomato paste, sun dried tomato and chopped parsley in a tomato and mayo-based dressing).

Pricing varies depending on location, although you can expect to pay between $4.99 and $5.99 for a regular serve. You can also purchase a “$20 Sumo Roast” which includes a roast chicken, large SumoSalad and two large chips.

A regular serve of Zesty Pumpkin Couscous Salad contains 744kJ of energy while the Red Pesto Penne Salad weighs in at 2205kJ. That’s a pretty substantial energy difference: seriously healthy eaters may want to stick with the pumpkin version.

The introduction of Sumo Salad is apparently part of a big push by Red Rooster to appeal to a health-conscious consumers. Last year, the company removed all artificial colours, flavours and added MSG from its menu.

If you’re keen to give the new salads a try, you can currently get a free regular version when you purchase a whole roast chicken. The catch is that the deal is only available on Sundays.

We have to admit, this sounds like a pretty delicious pairing. Unlike most fast food outlets, Red Rooster chickens are particularly well suited to salad. Depending on reader interest, we may follow up with a salad Taste Test in the weeks to come. (To be honest, my arteries could really use the break.)

[Via Red Rooster]


  • Depending on reader interest, we may follow up with a salad Taste Test in the weeks to come.Yes please!

  • Crap. The only two salads have allergens in them, for me. I’m allergic to all things orange citrus, and getting borderline on grapefruit now, too, and allergic to egg and dairy.

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