You Can Now Order Giant Pizza-Shaped Hershey's Cookies From Pizza Hut

We can't believe a pizza chain didn't think of this before now. Take a big-arse chocolate chip cookie and cut it into pizza-shaped slices — that's the ingeniously simple concept behind Pizza Hut's Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie. You can buy them right now and they taste bloody delicious.

Made from cookie dough and authentic Hershey's chocolate chips, Pizza Hut's Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie is one of the first desserts from a pizza franchise that's actually worth getting excited about. The product is delivered warm and gooey, much like Subway's cookies when they've come straight out of the oven.

Each "pizza" measures eight inches and is big enough to share between two people (depending on the person). They cost $5.95 apiece and will be available for a limited time only. We'll be giving it the Taste Test treatment later in the week.



    Oh gosh the memories! We used to do just this when I worked at a pizza chain (just for the staff of course). We'd buy one of those raw cookie dough "logs" from the supermarket, press it out onto a pizza tray and put it through the oven a couple of times until it was firm around the edges and gooey in the middle. It was fabulous!

    Well which is it?
    "You can buy them right now and they taste bloody delicious"

    "We’ll be giving it the Taste Test treatment later in the week."

      Both. We've already tasted them but won't be publishing the Taste Test until later in the week.

        Ah of course my mistake! Hopefully it fares better than their 'Apple Crumble' Pizza.

    But Hershey's chocolate has a gross chalky/ashy taste to it.

      Hersheys is pretty much the lowest form of chocolate and also one of the most cheaply produced. It very literally smells like vomit to me and apparently it's something to do with a compound present in the chocolate that also gives vomit its general smell. No way would I ever try eating it again.

    So no worse than any Aussie choc then.

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