What's The Weirdest Food You've Ever Eaten?

What's the Weirdest Food You've Ever Eaten?

Some of us are more adventurous when it comes to food than others, and across every cuisine there are "delicacies" that might seem bizarre to others around the world. What have you tried?

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson attended an award ceremony at the American Museum of Natural History, where the dinner was composed entirely of insects such as crickets, cockroaches and tarantulas. They were not as good as a rib-eye, he said. Personally, we don't mind the odd savoury insect.

Perhaps your weirdest food isn't insects. Maybe it's deep-fried butter on a stick or turducken. Let's hear what you've dared to try. Tell us in the comments.

Even Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is Now Munching On Bugs [NPR]


    Get some chicken blood, twist it in a little sac made of cling wrap and simmer it until it's set. Pop that in a chicken curry. Had that in Thailand.

    Had locust in Japan, not bad

    I have never left Australia, so I cant claim anything really exotic; but I have eaten haggis...

    I had deep fried bugs in China,
    They looked like these
    but on a kebab stick.
    10 of them cost me $2 AUD, (it was tourist area)

    They tasted like, deep-fried crunchy stuff with a musky/smoky after taste that made me wish I had a beer to wash it down. All up, not too bad.

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    Tarantula in Cambodia. Do not recommend. Their legs were all spindly and got caught in my throat. The body sort of....popped.

    Insects in Thailand - they just tasted like what they were cooked in. Crunchy and delicious https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/74157_463619551436_5123342_n.jpg?oh=d73754421c8dd11f3a2f3c0fea72e8c3&oe=55AF615A

    Raw horse sashimi in Japan, with garlic and ginger.
    Also in Japan; Raw squid, it is like eating an eraser!

    On a trip to China I had deep fried Crickets & Wasp's also a Dog meat on a Kebab stick!

    that 'food' still creeps me out.

    Silk worms, crickets, small and large intestine, brain, duck blood tofu, gizzards, hearts. The usual.

    Guinea Pig in Peru - it's OK if you can get your head around eating a rat on a stick. If it was diced in a stew it would have been a much better experience


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