We’re Going To Canberra To Find Out More About The Internet Of Things

We’re Going To Canberra To Find Out More About The Internet Of Things
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The internet of things is a topic constantly referred to in discussions on the future of technology, but as we’ve recently noted, there are arguments over exactly what the things are, even before we consider how to grapple with the data they produce. Over the next couple of days, we’ll be looking at the role of the internet of things from a variety of persepctives.

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The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is running a one-day conference called Navigating The Internet Of Things in Canberra on Thursday, and we’ll be covering that event to help identify practical lessons on how to implement “internet of things” projects and what the main challenges are. If there’s a particular angle you think we should examine, tell us in the comments.


  • The irony of going to a place (Canberra) where they seem to be actively trying to kill the internet in Australia is hilarious!

    With that said, would love to know AIIA’s thoughts on ways to encourage movement on IOT in the residential construction industries, promotion of communication standards and educating the masses on how IOT can be beneficial (specially for my elderly parents etc).

  • Really hope Tony Abbott and Brando are going to this. I have a theory that they don’t have a clue how the internet works and they must not have children or friends that will use torrents. I fail to see why you would treat the IoT any differently from a user at a computer. Each device will still need an internet connection that a human signed up to, either lan, WiFi or 3g. There are automatic requests, but that is no different to a regular application on a computer such as windows update, a weather or email app on your phone etc. The only real difference is that you only interect with the device once a week or less. But that is just like a web server that you leave running in the corner. What I’m trying to say is, stop treating buzzwords like cloud, IoT and metadata as super amazing intreguing things, we’ve had them for decades and they are just iterations of “person using computer”.

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