Use Painter’s Tape To Get Clean Edges When Caulking

Use Painter’s Tape To Get Clean Edges When Caulking
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Trying to get straight, clean lines when caulking can be an exercise in frustration if you’re out of caulking practice. With painter’s tape, however, it could be a piece of cake every time.

The photo above from the Swing N Cocoa blog shows how easy it is. Just apply the painter’s tape above and below the area you’ll be caulking, apply the caulk, smooth it out, and remove the tape while the caulk is still wet. Voila! A seamless caulk job.

(Caulk and painter’s tape come in handy together, by the way, also when you’re painting the edge of a wall.)

Pink Bathroom Chronicles: Done [Swing N Cocoa via House Logic]


  • If you are ever reapplying silicon on a sink or tiles the best way to get it perfectly smooth is to use a small amount of dish washing liquid mixed with water in a spray bottle.
    Run your silicon so it fills the gap required, then simply spray with the mild detergent liquid and smooth with your finger.
    The silicon will stick where it was applied but will not stick to the sprayed surface, giving you a perfect bead each time.
    Can also use the same trick on roof sheets or guttering.

  • Whatever tape you use make sure you get a decent one. Just used cheap 1 day Sellotape and in less than a day is was taking the paint off the walls when removing…..

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