The Startup Manager’s Quadruple Display Workspace

The Startup Manager’s Quadruple Display Workspace

When you’re managing a startup consisting of nearly a dozen remote team members and over thirty live products, the technology you have makes all the difference. This workstation is packed with the gear to run lots of apps and tasks at the same time.

This workspace is definitely an investment. There are the four tiled 34-inch LG curved UltraWide displays, the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, two Wacom graphics tablets and the KAB controller chair. The setup belongs to Teemu A., who doesn’t mention which startup he/she manages or which apps said startup develops, but you can read more about the workstation in the interview with OS X Daily below.

Mac Setup: A Quadruple Display Mac Pro Workstation [OS X Daily]


  • Edit: Source article paints a bit of a different picture of what this guys actually does.

  • eeh, we’re running quad screens at my work (IT Support for a retail chain) laptop with dock + synergy to another box with screen. only 24″ widescreens because 34s are expensive.

    Works well, Queue on one, email on another, then two workspaces for remote access/ web.

  • Read the comments in the source
    “now I know why start ups go bust”
    “Don’t worry not his money”

  • 8 person dev team, 3 person production team, 32 ‘live products’.
    So each dev is handling ongoing development for 4 products each, plus an unknown amount on ‘unreleased’ products. Each production guy is handling 10+ live products to himself.

    I’m hoping they’re all low complexity or he has an unusual definition of the word ‘product’, otherwise there’s got to be some serious corner cutting going on.

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