Telstra Offers Kid Protection Tools For Smartphones

Telstra is offering software to help keep your children safe online — although only for contract customers.

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In a post on its Exchange blog, Telstra's Shelly Gorr outlines the basics of its Mobile Protect package, which, according to Telstra, enables parents to block callers or texts, set up whitelists of safe numbers and web sites and limit overall access time on devices. It's not entirely clear how much of this functionality is tied into specific operating system parameters, and how much is a specific software package.

It's an offer open only to contract customers, however, which is slightly baffling given that prepaid is generally seen as an excellent way to control your kid's mobile spend. Telstra is also offering up a sample "My First Mobile Agreement" designed to make kids more aware of their responsibilities online — that's a freebie you can download directly from Telstra itself.

Introducing free tools to keep your kids safe on smartphones [Telstra]


    You have to be a contract customer to use the tool but you can add your kid's pre-paid mobile as long as you can pry the handset from their fingers to accept the permission request that Telstra sends to them.

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