Tech On The Go: Deals On The Fitbit Flex, Kindle Touch And Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

This weekend's deals are all about tech on the go! Do you want to log your fitness goals, work on the road or have your library at your fingertips from wherever you are in the world? Pick up a Fitbit Flex, Samsung Tab 4 or a Kindle Touch at great prices this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Fitbit Flex Activity & Sleep Wristband: Save $33 Only $95

If you've got a goal to get fit, the Fitbit Flex is your new best friend. It tracks all of your activity — steps, stairs, calories, distance — even your sleep. It has handy lights on the (actually really comfortable) wristband that let you know how close you are to your daily goals, and great app support where you set challenges with your friends. It comes with a silent alarm and a battery life of 5-7 days.

The Fitbit Flex is available in six different colours.

Deal ends 23/3/2015

Kindle Touchscreen Wi-Fi e-Reader Only $88

This is Dick Smith's lowest over price on the Kindle Touch 6-inch e-Reader. 4GB of storage means it can hold over 2,000 books, so you can always have your library with you. The screen is perfect for reading, and the improved processor means smooth page turns. With a bunch of features like dictionary look-up, highlighting and Goodreads integration it's so much more than a book.

Deal ends 23/3/2015

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 4 Only $279

You'll find yourself reaching for your laptop less and less for working on the road with the lightweight Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. With it's famously stunning 8-inch screen, easy to use operation and the option to have multiple user accounts, you'll have no problem accessing all of your apps, videos, images, apps and documents on the run. The Tab 4 comes with Wi_Fi capability and 16GB memory, but with this deal you get and extra 16GB memory card to double your capacity — for free.

Deal ends 23/3/2015

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