Taste Test: KFC ‘Supercharged’ And ‘Chilli Charged’ Zinger Burgers

Taste Test: KFC ‘Supercharged’ And ‘Chilli Charged’ Zinger Burgers
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KFC has decided to inject some serious heat into its Zinger burger range. For a limited time, the Original Zinger will be joined by two spicy variations: the Supercharged Zinger and the ultra-hot Chilli Charged Zinger. We just put our taste buds on the line and tried ’em both in one sitting. Read on for our verdict!

KFC recently conducted a nationwide poll to determine our collective spice tolerance. According to its findings, close to 90 per cent of Aussies actively enjoy chilli in their everyday meals. (Interestingly, ACT residents were found to be the biggest spice lovers of all Australian states and territories. We suppose they have to get their kicks somewhere!)

In a bid to cash in on the nation’s burning pepper penchant, KFC has released two new chicken burgers that promise to take the heat to ridiculous levels. These have been dubbed the Zinger Supercharged (medium heat) and Zinger Chilli Charged (extreme heat).

KFC is taking an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach with its new Zinger range. Both burgers use identical ingredients to the original with the exception of the sauce, which is where all that extra spice comes from. In other words, it’s basically the same product but with three levels of heat to choose from.

Earlier in the day, we were sent a special delivery of KFC buckets packed with the new Zinger range. This happened to coincide with a catered office function overflowing with cakes, chocolates and pastries. It was truly a terrible day for dieters. Everyone else was in heaven.

Being something of a chilli aficionado, I naturally plumped for the hottest version (AKA Chilli Charged.) With an icy cold drink in hand, I gingerly unfurled the wrapper and prepared to have my taste buds annihilated.

As it turns out, the drink wasn’t really needed. While the Chilli Charged Zinger is pretty spicy for a fast food burger, the scorch factor is surprisingly low. The way KFC was bigging this thing up, I was half-expecting the top of my head to get blown off. Instead, it was just “kinda hot”. Depending on your tolerance for spice, this could either be a good thing or a bad thing.

As you’d expect, the Supercharged version turned out to be even milder. Mind you, it’s still very tasty burger — especially if you’re a pre-existing Zinger fan. Plenty of my wimpier colleagues found the balance to be just right.

I just feel KFC should have stoked the fires a little more — with three heat levels to play around with, they really could have pushed things off the charts. I also would’ve liked to see some Jalapeno peppers added, but sadly it wasn’t to be.

Our advice to serious chilli addicts is to order the Chilli Charged version and request a few extra squirts of sauce. That should help to bring the heat up to sufficiently eye-watering levels.

Taste Verdict: 7/10


  • Fairly sure they already did the Zinger Supercharged, just ask for Supercharged sauce on a regular zinger.

    In fact you can ask for the supercharged sauce on any burger, it goes really well with the original fillet burger! Adds tasty spice without overwhelming the flavour of chicken like the zinger does.

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